The Union of Biology Students at ETH Zurich was founded in 2004 as a subordinate of the Union of Students at ETH Zurich (VSETH) and is the official elected student body representing around 500 Bachelor's and Master's students of Biology currently studying at ETH Zurich.

Our tasks include providing students with support during their study process, representing the opinion of students at the departmental level (D-BIOL) as well as in the general student body (VSETH). In addition to that, we organize exam prep courses and publish our student newspaper biotikum.

From goodie bags and learning material from previous years, Biologist-exclusive initiatives and meet-and-greets all the way to hosting wild parties and monthly gatherings in the student bar Lochness, our aim is to keep your spirits up during your time at ETH.

Last but not least, we ensure that important news and experiences are shared among students. For this cause we created this website and regularly send newsletters, and participate in various university information events.

Are you a Biology student but not yet a member? On mystudies, you can choose to become a VSETH and therefore a VeBiS member and profit from our offers!