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Hier findest du Job und Praktikumsangebote, es werden regelmässig neue hochgeladen.


Hintergrund:Das Bewerbungsinterview ist nach wie vor die beliebteste und am häufigsten eingesetzte Methode in der Personalauswahl. Im Rahmen einer vom Schweizerischen Nationalfonds geförderten Studie untersuchen wir in unserem Projekt, wie […]

Startup Tour by ETH Entrepreneur Club

Are you a motivated student curious about working at a startup? Do you want to gain more insight into where and how startups work? Or maybe you want to start […]

R Shiny meet-ups during HS22

Since R is becoming more prominent for use in the biological field, we want to advertise R Shiny meet-ups taking place this semester organised by ETH D-BIOL PhD student Jan […]

Part-time job manufacturing ultrasound-sensitive drug carriers

Manufacturing ultrasound-sensitive drug carriers for targetedneuronal circuit manipulation in the Neurotechnology group Project: The Neurotechnology lab (Prof. Mehmet Faith Yanik) focuses on several promising technologies aimed towards understanding brain function […]

Master thesis project in cellular aging

Project title: Optimising a biosensor of cellular age Project background: Ageing is commonly defined as the time-dependent deterioration in organismal fitness. However, variability in ageing kinetics has led to the […]