Information for New Students

The VeBiS



Getting through the first year with VeBiS

We take part in the Prestudy Events and the Erstitag (Freshers' Day), as well as host Meet-ups with Upperclassmen, where you can meet students of higher semesters to find out what you can expect from your first year and further studies. We also organize the First-year Weekend, where you can have fun with your fellow coursemates. If you're seeking places and events to chill and have fun during the semester, you're welcome to join our monthly "Stamm" parties in the HXE and the amazing parties that we organize with other student unions. We also organize Zoo visits, Ski weekends and other themed trips, in case you'd like to take part in activities off-campus. In our student union newspaper, the biotikum, we tackle topics ranging from random happenings and biological phenomena to university politics with a side of culinary recipes, book reviews and, most importantly, exam statistics. In university politics, we discuss the concerns coming from Bachelor and Master students with professors of our department. In addition, we represent the opinions of Biology students in the ETH student union, VSETH. To keep your grades up, we facilitate the exchange of lecture summaries and organize exam prep courses.

What can I do if I have questions, concerns or problems?

We are always available in case you have any questions, issues or suggestions for the study process and/or the work VeBiS is doing. You can let your Course Representativesknow about what concerns you, or visit us at HXE B25. Alternatively, you can write us an e-mail.

How do I become a member?

To profit from our activities, offers and events, just check the box for VSETH membership in myStudies (

Administrative things in the first year

The Fresher's ABCs

In myStudies , you can enter and change most of your study-related personal details, such as semester and course enrolment, exam registration and deregistration (no worries, the Registrar's Office always sends you an e-mail informing you when you can enrol and deregister). You can also view the main details of each course. You can read more about how myStudies works here.

VVZ is the German abbreviation for the course catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis). Here you can take a look at each semester's course offer in the whole of ETH. To see which courses you will be taking in the upcoming semester, do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the options:
    • Semester: The latest semester [currently: Spring Semester 2022]
    • Level: Bachelor's / Master's degree programme
    • Department: Biology
    • Programme: Biology Bachelor / Biology Master
    • Section: for Bachelor's - Bachelor Studies (Program Regulations 2020) / for Master's - choose section of subjects
    • for Bachelor's - Subsection: First Year Courses
  3. You can see course details by clicking on the title of the course, e.g.
    • under Catalogue Data: course contents and objectives
    • under Performance Assessment: type and language of the examination, exam duration and allowed exam aids.
    • Learning materials - suggested textbooks etc.
    • under Courses: the time and place of lectures and tutorials