Concept of Operation

Our way of sustainable beekeeping is meant to maintain a stable population of bees without needing to acquire queen bees or bee populations from outside sources. We also try to follow the simplest and most straightforward methods.

Our beekeeping activity is largely based on the guidelines developed by the University of Hohenheim. We take care of the following points in detail:

  • Using uniform journal boxes and hive frames for brood and honey
  • Breeding of our own queen bees from the best-developing bee populations of our beehive.
  • Consequential liquidation of aggressive, weak and sickly bee populations.
  • Breeding queen bees in mating units consisting of two hive frames.
  • Avoiding the use of another beehive during queen bee breeding.
  • Maintaining a stable, prefererably constant population of bees according to how many can take part in honey production. If needed, leftover young populations are to be sold in autumn or spring.
  • Prevention of swarms by breaking up swarm cells.
  • Varroosis prevention through removal of drone cells and application of formic and oxalic acids.
  • Systematic replacement of 2-year-old broodcomb with new comb.
  • Avoiding actions in which the queen bee must be found.
  • Financing beehive maintenance through sales of young brood and honey.