Beekeeping Concept

Our concept of sustainable beekeeping implies maintaining a constant number of colonies for honey production without being dependent on acquiring queen bees or entire colonies from outside sources. In addition, we try to follow the simplest and most straightforward beekeeping protocols.

Specifically, we adhere to the following points:

  • Using uniform frames for brood and honey combs.
  • We try to produce as many new colonies per year as we have colonies for honey production. Where applicable, excess colonies will be sold in autumn or next spring.
  • Rearing our own queens only from the best-performing colonies at our apiary.
  • Consequent culling of aggressive or weak colonies.
  • Queen rearing with small mating units consisting of two regular combs.
  • We do not maintain a second apiary for queen rearing and generation of new colonies (nucs) to minimize car transports.
  • Prevention of swarming by systematic removal of swarm cells from the end of April to June.
  • Control of Varroa mite infestation by regular removal of drone brood and treatment of colonies organic acids.
  • Systematic replacement of 2-year-old brood combs.
  • Avoiding procedures in which the queen bee must be found.
  • Financing the maintenance of our apiary through selling honey and new colonies.