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October nanoTalks: Nobel Prizes

Fall has arrived and with that the announcement of this year’s Nobel Prize laureates. Over the next few talks, our speakers will enlighten us about the scientific advances that were rewarded this year. From a historical perspective, we illuminate the many facets of the Nobel Prize awardings and seek to better understand it.

28.10.2021, 7 pm- 8pm
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VeBiS Fajitanight 28.10.2021 ; 18:00

Dear VeBiS members

We would like to invite you to the upcoming Fajitanight on Thursday, October 28th at HXE. In addition to yummi fajitas and great games, there will also be a selection of fine beers from a local brewery to round off the evening comfortably.

Please register at the following link:

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Tichu Tournament

The VeBiS and VMP organize a Tichu Tournament on Monday, November 8th from 6 – 11 pm!

Tichu is a swiss originated card game that includes elements of Bridge, Daihinmin, and Poker played between two teams of two players each.

Specific Infos

Sign up: 

You can sign up as a team or alone (in the latter case we will match you with someone else).

The sign up is open for all VSETH members (first com, first serve), but VeBiS members are prioritized if they sign up until November 1st.

Beginners are welcome, there will be a crash course from 5 – 6 pm.

There will be hotdogs and beverages (first hotdog & beverage for free for VeBiS & VMP members).

Covid-Certificate mandatory and you have to wear a mask.

Signed up participants will get an email with the specific rules etc. on Sa, November 6th at the latest. Please write us in advance if you can’t make it so we can plan the tournament schedule.

For questions write to julia.faehnrich[at]


VeBiS Stamm „Resurrection“ am 20.10. ab 18:00 im HXE C1

ENDLICH WIEDER STAMM! Wegen Corona können wir leider im Moment unseren Stamm nicht im Loch Ness durchführen. Der Oktoberstamm findet im HXE C1, also „gegenüber“ vom Loch Ness statt. Wir hoffen dass trotz der anderen Location Stamm-feeling aufkommen kann 😉

Im HXE B1, also unter uns findet ungefähr Zeitgleich die VV (MV) des APV statt. Platzt bitte nicht bei ihnen rein! Wenn doch nehmt wenigstens Bier mit!

Wer die Mehrwegflaschen vom Biertasting letztes Semester mitbringt kann sich ein gratis Bier abholen!

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Über Wölfe und Herdenschutz

Here you’ll find the information for the „Wolfseminar 2021“.
For further information visit