Campus and Tips

Campus Zentrum

HG: The main building (HG) is located in the city centre, about 10 minutes by foot from the Zurich Train Station. There you can find the Polysnack canteen, multiple study places as well as a spacious library at the very top on floor H. First-year Mathematics, as well as Computer Science lectures take place in the large lecture halls of the central building. In the adjacent Polyterasse (MM) you can find the Polymensa and student bars, ASVZ and music rooms.

ETH Link

The ETH Link directly connects the Center and the Hönggerberg campuses. During the semester, it travels back and forth every 10-20 minutes. During the afternoon, it also stops at the Haldenegg tram stop. You can check the most up-to-date schedule in your EduApp.

ETH Hönggerberg

HIL: Some lectures and/or tutorials happen here, and here we also make reservations for the Bachelor's exam prep courses. During the exam session, it's very likely that you'll be writing your exams in one of this building's many spacious halls. Outside of study and exam time, you can visit the Alumni Lounge in the building's ground floor, where the PubQuiz is organized once in a month.

HCI: This building is perhaps the most important one during the first year of Bachelor's studies. Most lectures, as well as General and Organic Chemistry practicals take place here. In this building, you'll also find the Infocenter for Biologists, Chemists and Material Scientists, which has a large library and printers. You can have lunch at Fusion Coffee in the ground floor or eat and study at Fusion Meal right above it.

HPH: This is the main Physics building, so you will have your Physics lectures there. Outside of lectures, you are very welcome to chill or study in the Food Market, which offers a great variety of food during lunch time.

Tipps und Tricks:

Apps: To make your daily errands at ETH easier, there are a few useful apps you can get on your phone:

  • EduApp: Your personal (myStudies-linked) schedule with the times and locations of your lectures as well as ETH Link departure times can be found here. The information in the app is updated to match your myStudies account data on a weekly basis. This becomes available once you login with your ETH account. Make sure you have registered yourself in all the necessary lectures and chosen tutorial groups when necessary!
  • ETH App: Here you can read ETH news and look at the ETH event calendar. There is also a extensive plan of all ETH buildings including the floor plans so that you can find out where you have to go. Besides that, the daily menus of all the canteens are shown so that you can choose where to go ahead of time. If you can't find emails or phone numbers of your professors or assistants, you should be able to get their contact information here too.
  • ETH Moodle: This app gives you quicker access the Moodle teaching platform, which is used for a many of your lectures.
  • ASVZ: This app is essential to have if you plan on regularly using the ASVZ sports facilities. Here you can look at the available sports offers in all ASVZ facilities, save offers you're interested in and register yourself for trainings.

Finding your way in ETH buildings

At first, ETH building and room names might confuse you. We suggest you remember the locations of orientation boards in the buildings you visit most often, as well as use the ETH app to get an idea of where your lectures or labs might be located. Floors are named alphabetically: E is most often the ground floor (except HIL, where D is the ground floor); and the later letter comes in the alphabet, the higher up the floor is located. Room names have the format [Building] [Floor][Number], e.g. HCI G7, HG E1. Unique for HCI, in 3-digit room names, the first digit stands for the finger of the building (1-5). The first finger is the one closest to the road, while the fifth is closest to ASVZ Hönggerberg.