Campus and Tips

Campus Center

HG: The main building (Hauptgebäude) is located in the city center, ca. 10 minutes away from the main train station. Alongside study spots and the library in the H-floor, you can also find the Polymensa, and visit the various sports activities offered by the ASVZ.

In the first year, mathematics and computer science lectures, as well as sometimes individual hours of other lectures, take place in the lecture halls of the main building.

ETH Link

The link connects Campus Center with the Hönggerberg Campus. It runs in 10-20 minute intervals during the semester, stopping at “Haldenegg” between the main campus and Hönggerberg. The exact departure times can be found in the EduApp under “ETH-Link” Campus Hönggerberg.

ETH Hönggerberg

HIL: Lectures and exercises can take place in the HIL. During the exam session you will probably write some exams here too. Exam preparation courses (PVKs) organized by VeBiS also often take place in the HIL rooms. The Alumni Lounge is also located on the ground floor with a large terrace.

HCI: The HCI is probably the most important building for biologists in the first year: most lectures as well as the general chemistry lab and a few of the bio lab classes take place here. The building also houses the information center, the library for biologists, chemists and materials scientists with study spaces and a printer, as well as the Fusion Coffee and the cafeteria “Fusion Meal”.

HPH: The HPH is the physics building. Physics lectures will take place here in the first year. Here you can also find some study spots and the “food market” with its food stalls “-grill bbQ”, “-green day” and “-pizza pasta”.

Tips and Tricks:

Apps: There are various apps to help you get through everyday life at ETH:

  • EduApp: In addition to the departure times of the link, you can also find your timetable with lecture room numbers on the EduApp. These are updated weekly, meaning anyone who orient themselves based on these room numbers should end up in the right place. In order for the timetable to be up to date, the app must be synchronized with myStudies by logging in. This is relatively self-explanatory (Step 1: Take lectures in myStudies and select groups if necessary, Step 2: log in to EduApp and synchronize).
  • ETH App: On this app you can find ETH news and an event calendar, which is much more practical for students in everyday life: the meal options of the various canteens as well as their opening times and a building map with floor plans. Under “People” you will also find email addresses of professors, lecturers and assistants if you have any questions.
  • ETH Moodle: This app allows you to access the “Moodle” learning platform more quickly, which the majority of lecturers will probably use for their lectures.
  • ASVZ: You can find the courses offered by the Academic Sports Association on the ASVZ app. This includes pretty much everything from artistry to Zumba.