Internship: MRI to investigate structural changes in degenerative cervical myelopathy (DCM) patients

Applications are invited for an internship in Neuroimaging group at Spinal Cord Injury Center (University Hospital Balgrist) under the supervision of Dr. Maryam Seif.


Degenerative changes of the cervical spine lead to cervical spinal stenosis with consecutive spinal cord compression and degenerative cervical myelopathy (DCM), a common health burden in the elderly population. New imaging techniques are employed to improve the diagnostic workup in DCM patients.


  • Processing structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data of the spinal cord in patients suffering from degenerative cervical myelopathy (DCM)
  • statistical analysis

Person specification

  • Enrolment in master’s program in biomedical engineering, neuroscience, biology, psychology, biomedical science or an equivalent field
  • Familiar with statistics software
  • A strong interest in medical image processing and a desire to learn new fields
  • A strong work ethic, with the ability to think creatively and work independently


Please send your CV to Dr. Maryam Seif (maryam.seif@balgrist.ch).

Balgrist Campus
University Hospital Balgrist
Forchstrasse 340
8008 Zürich