Flunkyball Tournament

Am 27. Mai findet das Flunkyballturnier zwischen APV, VMP, mesa und VeBiS statt! Melde dich als Team von 4-5 Leuten an. Wo? ETH Hönggerberg, hinter dem ASVZ. Wann? 27.05. ab 18 Uhr. Eintritt 5.- pro Person. Es wird Grillstellen geben, man kann also eigene Grilladen mitbringen. Anmeldung: https://forms.gle/6dEZLaHZtnWrcWra8 
On 27 May, the flunkyball tournament between APV, VMP, mesa and VeBiS will take place! Register as a team of 4-5 people. Where? ETH Hönggerberg, behind the ASVZ. When? 27.05. from 6pm. Admission 5.- per person. There will be the possibility to grill, so you can bring your own. Sign up: https://forms.gle/6dEZLaHZtnWrcWra8

If you have any questions, contact julia.faehnrich@vebis.ch

Events News

Tichu Tournament VeBiS vs. AIV

On Monday, April 4th VeBiS and AIV organize a Tichu tournament from 6 – 11 pm in HXE B1! 

Tichu is a swiss card game that includes elements of Bridge, Daihinmin, and Poker played between two teams of two players each.

Sign up: https://forms.gle/jQhdZvc6MwZTdPmA8

You can sign up as a team or alone (in the latter case we will match you with someone else).

The sign up is open for VeBiS members (AIV members)

Beginners are welcome, there will be a crash course from 5 – 6 pm.

There will be hotdogs and beverages (first hotdog & beverage for free for registered participants which are VeBiS or AIV members).

Signed up participants will get an email with the specific rules etc. on Sunday before the event.

For questions write to julia.faehnrich[at]vebis.ch.



Wine Tasting

Taste different wines (from DENNER) accompanied by cheese and bread to find the perfect affordable wine for your next dinner, party or gathering with friends!

March, 29th 2022, 7 pm


Entrance Fee: CHF 10.-

Sign up: https://forms.gle/KAMticXu8oLWLKKh6

If you have any questions contact julia.faehnrich@vebis.ch


Beerpong Tournament

On March 22nd from 6pm the Beerpong tournament between VeBiS and VMP will take place at HXE B1. Register now as a team on vmp.ethz.ch (price: 10.- per team) to defend the honor of VeBiS (or just to have fun ;)).

Am 22. März ab 18 Uhr findet das Beerpong-Turnier zwischen VeBiS und VMP im HXE B1 statt. Melde dich jetzt als Team auf vmp.ethz.ch an (Preis: 10.- pro Team), um die Ehre des VeBiS zu verteidigen (oder einfach, um Spass zu haben ;)).

Registration: https://vmp.ethz.ch/de/events/VeBiS_vs_VMP_Beerpong_VeBiS_Anmeldung/

(Registration opens on Monday, 7th March)


Karaoke Night

Sing your heart out and party like nobody’s watching! Join our karaoke party at the karaoke bar Ka3an. And as if all this wasn’t good enough, we even get all drinks half off! Join us on December 2nd, after 7pm after you sign up here: https://vmp.ethz.ch/en/events/karaokenight/

A Collaboration with VMP & APV