VeBiS + Geso + AIV goes Europapark

On the 21st of November, we are going to the Europapark Rust together with Geso and AIV.
We will travel by bus, starting at 08:15 at ETH Hönggerberg and returning around 21:45 to where we started.
The journey (including travel by bus and europapark ticket) would cost you CHF 75.
The offer from Eurobus is only valid if we travel with more than 50 people.
If we are less than 50 people (VeBiS, Geso and AIV together) we have to reconsider our options, we might not offer the journey or it would be more expensive (of course you are not obligated to come if this happens)
The registration closes on the 16th of November, noon.

All the best
VeBiS Kulturkommission

Registration here!


VeBiS+AIV Novemberstamm

The VeBiS+AIV Novemberstamm will take place on the 3rd of November from 18:00 to 23:00. It will be very similar to our traditional „Mojito Night“! We will celebrate the last summer vibes with the AIV (Akademischer Ingenieursverein) in the bar LochNess in HXE. Unfortunately, only 70 People are allowed in the pub at once. To prevent people from coming and not having space we decided to make a registration. You will get a confirmation email by Wednesday noon at the latest.
Already booked out!


VeBiS Fajitanight 28.10.2021 ; 18:00

Dear VeBiS members

We would like to invite you to the upcoming Fajitanight on Thursday, October 28th at HXE. In addition to yummi fajitas and great games, there will also be a selection of fine beers from a local brewery to round off the evening comfortably.

Please register at the following link: https://forms.gle/8e11RgAB9tJTh1iYA

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VeBiS Stamm „Resurrection“ am 20.10. ab 18:00 im HXE C1

ENDLICH WIEDER STAMM! Wegen Corona können wir leider im Moment unseren Stamm nicht im Loch Ness durchführen. Der Oktoberstamm findet im HXE C1, also „gegenüber“ vom Loch Ness statt. Wir hoffen dass trotz der anderen Location Stamm-feeling aufkommen kann 😉

Im HXE B1, also unter uns findet ungefähr Zeitgleich die VV (MV) des APV statt. Platzt bitte nicht bei ihnen rein! Wenn doch nehmt wenigstens Bier mit!

Wer die Mehrwegflaschen vom Biertasting letztes Semester mitbringt kann sich ein gratis Bier abholen!