VeBiS + Geso + AIV goes Europapark

On the 21st of November, we are going to the Europapark Rust together with Geso and AIV.
We will travel by bus, starting at 08:15 at ETH Hönggerberg and returning around 21:45 to where we started.
The journey (including travel by bus and europapark ticket) would cost you CHF 75.
The offer from Eurobus is only valid if we travel with more than 50 people.
If we are less than 50 people (VeBiS, Geso and AIV together) we have to reconsider our options, we might not offer the journey or it would be more expensive (of course you are not obligated to come if this happens)
The registration closes on the 16th of November, noon.

All the best
VeBiS Kulturkommission

Registration here!