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Master thesis project in cellular aging

Project title: Optimising a biosensor of cellular age

Project background: Ageing is commonly defined as the time-dependent deterioration in organismal fitness. However, variability in ageing kinetics has led to the hypothesis that each cell type possesses its own ageing trajectory. We currently develop novel ageing biosensors to characterise the progression of cellular age across different murine cell types and tissues. The aim of the project is to modify the existing sensors allowing for real-time analysis of cellular age in diverse cell types.

• Optimize the biosensor to make it more dynamic.
• Express the new construct in cells.
• Assess the dynamics of the new sensor using fixed and live-cell imaging.
• Test the functionality of the sensor using artificially and physiologically aged cells.

Techniques and tasks to be performed
• Cloning of new construct
• Cell culture of mammalian cell lines
• Confocal imaging
• Live-cell imaging
• Immunohistochemistry
• Data analysis (some of it in R studio)
• Lab book maintenance and occasional lab meeting presentations

Project details
Duration: minimum 6 months, preferably full-time
Starting date: As soon as possible

• Must have bachelor’s degree, preferably with molecular, cellular or
biochemical background
• At least 1 wet-lab internship

Contact details:
Please send your CV and motivation letter to Sebastian Jessberger
(jessberger [at sign] hifo.uzh.ch) and Margaux Quiniou (quiniou [at sign] hifo.uzh.ch)