Course Materials

Community Solutions

VeBiS has collected many supporting documents from students over the past few years. This includes summaries, cheat sheets and more.

Current course materials can be viewed and uploaded via Community Solutions:

Attention: Categories sometimes look empty, although summaries are available. Even if no exams have been uploaded, summaries may be available (example: Exams 0/0).

We have also collected a list of external links for revision of lectures: External Links for Learning and Revision (German)

Old Course Materials

Until spring semester 2024, many lecture materials were still made available directly on our website:

Old Curriculum

Cross-Programme Lectures

For subjects that we have in common with other degree programmes, it is also worth taking a look at the websites of their student associations:

Please note: The documents published here are intended as a learning aid and inspiration. Copying and duplicating without citing the source is plagiarism and can have serious consequences!