Information for prospective students

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The Biology Major


The standard period of study for the bachelor’s degree in biology at ETH is three years, in which you will acquire a wide range of basic knowledge of biology in lectures and practical courses. The first two years are mainly core subjects and scientific basics, while the third year offers a wide range of options with many lectures (the so-called concept courses) and laboratory work (block courses). Details about the newly structured bachelor’s biology course can be found here.

Introductory lecture and lab tours

To get an impression of studying biology at ETH, VeBiS organizes a trial day for prospective students once a year, where you can see the ETH campus, attend a lecture and ask biology students all your questions about the course.

In addition, the Department of Biology offers you the opportunity to get a taste of our lectures and get to know some research groups on digital lab tours.

Students report on their experiences

Many new students have great respect for their ETH studies and their first year, especially at the beginning. You can find impressions of how our students felt in their first year and what they particularly appreciated about studying biology here.

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Other Links

Information from ETH Zurich on the bachelor’s degree in biology with many other topics to browse around, such as what you should bring with you to study biology, further reports from students and stories from the professional world of graduates can be found here.

Contact details for the D-BIOL studies office (the biology department of ETH Zurich) as well as the instructions and regulations for studying biology can be found here.