Some of our departments cannot be managed by solely the board; instead, board members can rely on a commission of motivated students who provide them with active support.


The Cultural Commission takes care of our social occasions and events, which offer students a break from everyday lecture and lab life. Our classics include the monthly regular “Stämme” with changing mottos (be it karaoke, Mojitonight or 80s), the semester Apéro and the ski weekend, but we also have many other events up our sleeve depending on the year, be it a beer pong tournament, a hiking weekend, visit to the zoo, a Tichu tournament and much more! We also organize the freshmen weekend every year.

The commission members help behind the bar, with shopping or with set-up and dismantling, but can also take over the organization of an event themselves and contribute their ideas. Would you like to get involved or do you already have your own event ideas? Then get in touch with kultur<at>!

Board: Ludmilla Beck


  • Anselmo Assetta
  • Martin Baader
  • Silvio Bernet
  • Sina Bonel
  • Tamino Cairoli
  • Sira Consani
  • Meer Ghafoor
  • Talina Graf
  • Thea Grunwald
  • Levin Heimgartner
  • David Hesse
  • Adrian King
  • Bastian Ksinsik
  • Njal Kuhn
  • Fabrizio Lanfranchi
  • Eric Ledergerber
  • Max Lenhardt
  • Jana Müntener
  • Isabelle Nguyen
  • Florian Niess
  • Yuriy Rahm
  • Alexandra Renggli
  • Alessia Sommer
  • Robin Jedi Thomsen
  • Andrea Mingming Wu
  • Alina Zahner
  • Thomas Zimmermann


As the name suggests, the party commission is involved in the VeBiS parties. Together with the party board member, you ensure that our members always have a party in sight. The annual highlights are the parties at Halloween and spring break, the “Excess in the Laboratory”, karaoke party and our bar at the First Semester Festival (Erstifest/ESF).

Are you interested in helping out at parties or other VeBiS events and getting free entry, shirts and/or drink vouchers? Then send us an email to party<at>

Board: Sina Bonel


  • Alex Dentler
  • Lisa Glättli
  • Fabrizio Lanfranchi
  • This Neeracher
  • Viviana Preianò
  • Nene Putzi
  • Robin Jedi Thomsen
  • Philipp Tielsch

University Policy

A somewhat more serious matter, but one that affects us all. The HoPo Commission represents the biology students in various committees of the D-BIOL department and the VSETH. The HoPo commission members attend such meetings, can contribute their voice and have a say on important issues. In doing so, they contribute to the further development of biology studies and the well-being of all students at ETH. If you are interested, contact hopo<at>

Board: Xaver Hanushevsky, Josephine Mueller

Student Association Reps: Xaver Hanushevsky, Josephine Mueller

Members Delegation:

  1. Xaver Hanushevsky
  2. Josephine Mueler
  3. Ladina Bilger
  4. Lara Münterer

Vice Members Delegation:

  • Fabienne Brantschen
  • Lasse Schwertner

Teaching Commission-

  1. Josephine Mueller
  2. Clément Lefebvre
  3. Thomas Zimmermann

Vice Teaching Commission-

  • Xaver Hanushevsky
  • Rauol Klein

Departmental Conference

  1. Josephine Mueller
  2. Xaver Hanushevsky
  3. Rauol Kelin

Vice Departmental Conference

  • Léa Le Bars


The Biotikum is the VeBiS student magazine and appears twice per semester. Each issue is dedicated to a topic, but also offers space for your creative ideas! The current editorial team consists primarily of biology students, but contributions from guest authors are also very welcome. Everyone can give free rein to their desire to write. If you are interested, contact editorial<at> without obligation!

Chief Editor: Mauro Albertini


  • Tim Appel
  • Noelia Rodriguez Caraballo
  • Neringa Meskauskaitè
  • Alyssa Moody
  • Livia Ochsenbein
  • Jakob Wimmer